Davetli Konuşmacılar

  • Dept. of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering
  • Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
  • The Ohio State University, USA

Automated Geospatial Placement of a Camera Network for Wide Area Surveillance

Discussion of the geospatial placement of a camera network for indoor and outdoor scenarios using Geographic Information System (GIS), and Building Information Modeling (BIM). We formulate the camera placement as a minimization problem that ensures the most common constraints that must be satisfied for a surveillance task using an objective function. Our framework enables one to solve the problem of configuring a network of cameras for different scenarios. Estimating the configuration of a network of cameras is done through enforcing visibility of certain objects or regions in the scene. In contrast to existing studies, our model uses viewed material properties such as the scene irradiance to enhance the accuracy of the model. The reversibility principle of light allows us to change our viewing direction from camera to object, and formulate the camera placement problem as a network problem.

  • EcoSAR, Science Team, NASA

Sizing Up Disasters from Space

Disasters occur when humans under estimate the hazard and ignore necessary preparations to minimize their exposure to nature’s forces. With the increasing climate nature’s response is getting stronger, creating an increase in the cost of disaster response and recovery activities. Especially, floods are the deadliest, most frequent disasters around the world. NASA is responding to disasters around the world using its earth-observing satellites to provide information pre- and post-disasters to assist in preparation, rapid-response and recovery aspects of a disaster. This talk will highlight several technologies actively used in disaster related remote sensing by showcasing some of the recent events. The talk will distinguish hazard from risk, and the importance of human behavior for a disaster resilient future.



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